Leila Khaled  from the Palestinian Liberation Organization

Anonymous asked:
Whats your type of guy??

I don’t really have a type. But it’s really attractive when I find a man who has goals, dreams, something in life that drives him and he’s passionate about..that’s sexy.


“Live by the gun Die by the gun”

Anonymous asked:
do you still have those piercings like in your pics?

No. I grew out of my “piercing my body with metal” stage.

"It’s so beautiful to kiss
who actually
means a lot to you."
Alena M.  (via hervana)

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"please don’t forget
the songs we listened to
or the things we talked about
please don’t forget
the little inside jokes we had
or the laughs we shared
please don’t forget
my smile
or the sound of my voice
please don’t forget me"
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